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The Sky Is Not Blue and the Flim-Flam Against Global Warming

See if you can identify this “discussion”.

Doubter: “The sky is not blue.”

Scientist’s Initial Response: “Can’t you see it? Just look at it.”

Doubter’s Response: “No. I’m color blind.”

Scientist’s Response: “Well, everyone else who isn’t color blind can see it.”

Doubter’s Response: “How do you know that you’re really seeing blue? How do you know that something in our diets isn’t impacting our color perception?”

Scientist’s Response: “Neurologists say that isn’t true. They’ve conducted studies to show we see the real blue.”

Doubter’s Response: “They’re all conspiring because it would be embarrassing to them to admit they hadn’t picked this up on their own. The government is paying all the researchers to support “the sky is blue theory” because of the cost of changing all those American flags to the real blue.”

Now the same argument in a Global Warming context.

Doubter: “Carbon dioxide isn’t causing Global Warming.”

Scientist: “We have the data supporting that it does.”

Doubter: “I’m not a scientist. How can I interpret this?”

Scientist: This has all been reviewed by peers and thousands of scientists around the world.

Doubter: “This is all a conspiracy by Liberals who want big government. All of the scientists are going along with it so they can be funded with work. NASA and NOAA falsified the data.”

My response to the doubter (and I hope yours): “Really?”